Monday, November 3, 2008

Calling all citizens!!

Today begins a new era of world politics; today we form the first and only alternative world government! 

This government will be a completely organic entity and will exist only in this virtual world that we call the Internet. In this space maybe we can create something that truly shows how the world can function through democracy. This government will have no set ideology as this will be dictated solely by it members.

As this is only the beginning I shall, at this point, be asking for anyone who would like a position in government to step forward and offer themselves up. After a suitable number of citizens have put themselves forward I will then choose the positions they will hold. These shall only be temporary though as the point of a democracy is to have democratically elected officials, so in 6 months time we shall have open elections and then a true government can be formed.

Below I will layout the structure of the government and the available positions, those who wish to apply for them should leave a post stating the position they wish to apply for and the reasons why they should be chosen for it. This will all be open to change once the government is up and running, but we all have to start somewhere so this model is the ground work for bigger and better things.

There will be 50 members of Parliament to begin with and I shall have the first 27 people to apply for positions as the government, whilst the remaining 23 shall be the opposition. From the 27 government members of Parliament there shall be a cabinet of 15 ministries. All aspects of the government and Parliament will be open to modification through debate and voting once the government is formed.

Available positions:

1. Prime Minister
2. Deputy Prime Minister
3. Minister for Agriculture
4. Minister for Defence
5. Minister for Trade and Employment 
6. Minister for Environment
7. Minister for Finance
8. Minister for Foreign Affairs
9. Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform
10. Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources
11. Minister for Education
12. Minister for Health
13. Minister for Social Affairs
14. Minister for Transport
15. Minister for Sport and Tourism

Apply for any position you like and all suggestions are welcome, remember once the government is formed we can change anything to suit the needs of the government and its people.

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